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Destination: Baba Indian Restaurant, The
Plymouth and Beyond Star Rating

General - the restaurant looked very nice from the outside as it was built not too long ago, and the inside was up to date as well. The restaurant staff were very friendly and there was even someone at the front door to greet you and open the door as you went in. Inside the restaurant, it was very clean with a nice looking bar, that incorprated a take away service, and a huge eating area. The table was set out in the usual way for an Indian restaurnant and all cutlery was clean. The food was very very tasty and it came fairly quickly, unlike other restaurant where you have to wait around for ages to get the ordered food. Drinks also arrived within a few minutes of ordering and the waiters constantly made sure that we were happy and the food was good. Overall, I would highly recommend visiting the restaurant for a meal. Indian food may be more expensive than Chinese and English, but if you like a bit of spice and plenty of flavour, visit the Baba Indian Restaurant and you will not be disappointed.

Food and Drink - the food was delicious and the drink was top quality also. My dad especially liked the Indian beer that was served on tap (not sure what it was called!). There was a huge food and drink menu to choose from and the menu catered for people who just like the mild food, to those who like something really hot and spicy. The dessert menu was also very good with a selection of ice creams and sorbets. Plenty of poppadums and chutneys were served before our starters arrived, which gave you a quick taster of what was to follow. Personally, I would recommend the Chicken Balti for your main course, as this was the nicest I had ever had, and it came in a portion that was just right.

Disabled - there was a small step to get into the restaurant but nothing that would stop most people. Once inside, it was all on one level, even the toilets. There was plenty of room between tables so wheelchairs would have no problems, and it was only a short distance to reach the toilets. There was plenty of space directly out the front of the building for a car to stop and drop anyone off or pick anyone up. There shouldn't be any problems when visiting the restaurant for disabled people, although, I have to admit, I didn't notice if there were toilets specifically for diasabled people.

Toilets - the toilets were very clean and clearly marked. They looked like they got cleaned up several times during opening times, which was great. I didn't notice if there was a disabled toilet but there wouldn't be too much of a problem using the main toilets unless the restaurant was very, very busy.

Children - as it was an Indian restaurnt, only children that liked Indian food would be ok to visit. Whilst we were there, there were several families with young children enjoying meals.

Car Parks - there is a small car park just up the road which is usually empty, especially in the evenings. Charges apply at all times of day and night, like the other car parks in Plymouth. The car park is situated in a secluded area so some may not like to leave their cars there. There is also another car park just up the road in the bus station, but this may not be open every evening. It may be best to get a taxi to the restaurant as this makes things very easy, and as there are no time constraints, it allows the possibility to go for a wander to the Barbican. If you want a bit of a walk before and after the meal, there are plenty of other car parks in the city centre to choose from, but again, you will have to pay at all times of the day.

Review Date - 2007-10-27