Plymouth and Beyond, Where to visit in Plymouth
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Destination: Golden Hind, The
Plymouth and Beyond Star Rating

General - the Golden Hind is an excellent pub just off the A38 at Manadon, Plymouth, and it shows all major sporting events. The pub is open from 11am most mornings until 11pm and serves food most of the day. From Monday to Friday, they have good food offers with the food being really tasty. They also have a good drinks selection and several nights a week they have special events such as quiz nights, and free pool nights, at decent entry prices. All in all, an excellent pub serving lovely food and drink.

Food and Drink - the pub provides an excellent and comprehensive drinks menu including an extensive range of beers, lagers and spirits. The food menu is also pretty extensive with a good selection of traditional pub food, salads and Oriental food such as Chicken Tikka Masala and Chilli Con Carne. It is very tasty although at lunch times during the working week, you may have to wait a good 30 minutes or so to receive your food, as it is so busy. The wait is usually worth it though as it is delicious. They also do two meals for £8 from a selected menu during the week, which keeps the pub full as it is a decent menu at a very good price.

Disabled - the pub itself caters for disabled people pretty well. It is all on one level so wheelchair access is good, although the tables are close to each other which may cause slight problems. I donít think there is a designated disabled toilet, but the usual toilets are on one level and are big enough for a wheelchair although you have to get through two doors first. If you park in the pub car park, then it is quite difficult to get into the pub, especially if in a wheelchair. There is no way a wheelchair could get up the steps, so instead you would have to go around the side of the pub and along the front. Iím still not sure if it is totally flat ground though.

Toilets - the toilets in the pub are quite small but are usually very clean. During busy times, the toilets can be in use constantly, which can be a bit awkward.

Children - children are welcome in the restaurant side of the pub at all times when eating. Iím not sure if they are allowed there after a certain time in the evening, although I think that if they are eating, then they will be fine. Children are not allowed in the main bar area at all times. There is a childrenís menu that includes the usual food.

Car Parks - there is a medium sized car park behind the pub, which is just off the road. This, like the pub itself, is usually full on week day lunch times. There isnít really anywhere else for people to park so this could be a problem. There is a bus stop just up the road so people can get to the pub easily, if they didnít want to drive.

Review Date - 2008-06-21