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Destination: George Toby Carvery, The
Plymouth and Beyond Star Rating

General - The George is a Toby Carvery pub and restaurant that serves lovely meals. As the name suggests, it is primarily a Carvery restaurant that usually serves a mouth watering selection of ham, beef, turkey and a wide variety of vegetables. In fact, you can go back for as much vegetables as you want throughout your meal, although you can only have one serving of meat. It is situated towards the North end of Plymouth, near to the Airport. There is a Park and Ride service across the road, and an Innkeeper's Lodge next door. The George is next to one of the busiest roads in Plymouth, but it has a decent sized Car Park towards its rear that caters for the restaurant and the Innkeeper's Lodge.

Food and Drink - both taste fantastic and there is a good range to choose from. The usual meats on offer are Ham, Turkey and Beef although this does sometimes change. An excellent idea, which I have taken advantage of on most visits, is that you can choose to have a bit of everything instead of being required to have just one meat. Also, with the vegetables, you can actually come back at any point during your meal and re-stock your plate with as much veg as you want. I haven't taken advantage of this yet, as I usually pile my plate up too much to start with! But I have seen people go up for more. There is a wide range of drinks available at the bar and, like the food, it is all available for very reasonable prices. I think that before 7pm on weekdays, you can have a two course meal for 6.95, which is fantastic value. This includes a choice of either starters or a dessert.

Disabled - to be honest, I don't think that The George is 100% friendly to the disabled as there are a few design faults that could have been rectified when built. The main cause for concern is actually getting into the place. There is only one entrance to the restaurant which is through the Bar, and this is only at one end of the building. This happens to be the furthest away from the Car Park. So anyone on crutches or in a wheelchair has to go a fairly long distance and this is especially not very nice when the weather is bad. Once inside though, the floor is all on one level and I have seen many people in wheelchairs enjoying a drink or meal. There are a few disabled car parking spaces which are as close to the entrance as possible, but still not close enough really. Toilet-wise, I assume they have a disabled toilet, but to be honest, I haven't used the facilites enough to make a point of looking.

Children - very young children are well catered for as the restaurant provides very good high chairs. Im not sure if there are any set meals for children as the restaurant is a Carvery, so I guess they can have a smaller plate of food than the adults. I don't think children are allowed in the Bar area unless they are with their parents, waiting for a table.

Car Parks - there is a fairly large Car Park towards the rear of The George, and this caters for both the restaurnat and the Innkeeper's Lodge which is located next door. Obviously, when the Lodge is full a lot of the spaces in the Car Park are full. I have never had any problems parking, and I have been when the restaurant was overflowing with people, so it must take an extraordinarily huge amount of people to turn up to make the Car Park full. Saying that, the disabled spaces have been full on a few occasions. If the restaurant Car Park is full, you could easily park in the Park and Ride across the road as this is usually empty after 7pm.

Review Date - 2008-08-11