Plymouth and Beyond, Where to visit in Plymouth
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Destination: Plymouth Hoe
Plymouth and Beyond Star Rating

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General - Plymouth Hoe is the most beautiful part of Plymouth and it can be accessed by road or walking directly from the Town Centre. It is home to Smeaton's Tower, West Hoe Park, several restaurants, War Memorials, The Citadel and more. There are parking areas all the way along the front of the Hoe and disabled parking on the promenade. Many events throughout the year start and end here, including Royal Mayor's Day. During these events there are usually stalls and a fair situated on the promenade, which can make the whole area extremely busy! It is also the best vantage point to see the British Fireworks Championship every August, but again, it can be very crowded when this event is taking place. The view from the Hoe is excellent, as it overlooks Drake's Island and the rest of Plymouth Sound. Many returning War boats and Britany Ferries sail close to the Hoe which allows enthusiasts a close up look. There is also the Tinside Lido which has recently been refurbished and is open during the Summer months. All in all, there is plenty to do and see on Plymouth Hoe.

Food and Drink - several restaurants are dotted along the Hoe, the most notable being the Wet Wok Chinese restaurant and The Waterfront, which are literally overlooking the water. I have been in the Wet Wok and the food and service in there was fantastic. Be warned though, it is a very good idea to book beforehand so not to be disappointed! There are also a few Cafes, and several Ice Cream vans can be found parked along the front of the Hoe, all dishing out the usual goodies.

Disabled - there is a good amount of disabled parking on the promenade overlooking the sea, and there are also a few spaces along the front of the Hoe. Where you park is up to you depending on if you want to get a closer look at the very front of the Hoe or whether you are happy to venture around the promenade. I think there are disabled toilets on the promenade, situated in the cafe near it's entrance, although i'm not 100% sure about this. There are lots of steps around the Hoe, but there are also a lot of flat slopes for anyone in wheelchairs, so they should be ok. When there are events on, the promenade parking is closed, which will cause extra cars trying to get into the remaining car park spaces.

Toilets - there are toilets in the cafe on the promenade and more near the West Hoe Park. These aren't very nice at all though, so be careful when you enter them.

Children - the West Hoe Park is the best place to take children as there are lots of climbing frames, swings, remote control cars, Crazy Golf and other entertaining games. The park is open all year round, but the remote control cars and Crazy Golf depend on the weather. There is a fairly large field next to the park (where the toilets are) and during good weather, a bouncy castle can be found there, along with a van selling candyfloss and toffee apples. You will have to drag your children away from here!

Beach - there is a very small pebbled area in one corner of the Hoe, and this can be called a 'beach' I suppose. People do sunbathe there and use it as a place to set off in their canoes or kayaks, to paddle around Plymouth Sound. Personally, I wouldn't use it as a beach as the water cleanliness just isn't good enough for my liking.

Pubs - there are no actual pubs on the Hoe. The nearest would be at the Barbican or past the Hoe towards the Pavilions, or even back into the Town Centre which is only a few minutes walk away.

Car Parks - there are car parking spaces all the way along the Hoe, but these are filled very quickly, especially during good weather and School holidays. These are Pay and Display, 7 days a week, and not very cheap. Unfortunately, Plymouth has some of the most expensive Pay and Display car parks in the land. If you are unable to park here, you can always use one of the many multi storey car parks in the Town Centre, and walk to the Hoe from there. This is a nice idea when the weather is warm and sunny, as it allows you to see a greater part of the area.

Review Date - 2008-08-12