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Destination: Burrator Reservoir
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Places to go in Plymouth and beyond, Burrator Reservoir Where to go in Plymouth and beyond, Burrator Reservoir Places to visit in Plymouth and beyond, Burrator Reservoir

General - Burrator Reservoir is quite a big reservoir a few miles past Yelverton on Dartmoor. As it's name suggests, it is situated next to the village of Burrator and is a lovely place to visit during a dry day. There are old ruins to explore, a large waterfall and several smaller rivers that flood into the reservoir. These offer excellent places for picnics and for walking. Lots of people visit to jog or ride their bicycle's around it as the perimeter is several miles long. They also use the car parking spaces to park and then explore the surrounding Tors, which is ideal. There are toilets and several Ice Cream vans during the warmer months.

Food and Drink - it is a shame that there are no Cafes around the reservoir, but there are usually Ice Cream vans, especially if it is a warm day and the school holidays. The best thing to do is take a picnic, park up and find a nice spot to relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

Disabled - I'm not sure if there is a disabled toilet there, but apart from that, the reservoir area can be a little dodgy for wheelchairs. The road around it is easy enough and level, so there shouldn't be any problems there, but closer to the rivers and streams that empty into the reservoir, it gets a bit rocky and very uneven, so you would have to be very careful. There is an area to park that actually overlooks part of the reservoir, but you would have to have good luck to get one of these spaces, as they are usually the first to be filled.

Toilets - there are toilets next to the road leading into the reservoir, but they aren't the best. Out of season, I think they are closed which doesn't help visitors during the Winter months.

Children - some children would enjoy the area, especially those who like exploring and climbing trees. Those who aren't as adventurous would probably prefer a nice Ice Cream. There are ruins to explore which may keep them occupied and climbing across the streams on rocks and stones is good fun. Paddling in the streams is also nice, especially in warm weather.

Beach - there isn't what you would call a 'beach' at the reservoir, but there is a pebbly, stony area which has the same effect. This can be reached by parking up on the far side of the reservoir and walking through a small wood and past some ruins. You will then come out on a lovely area which is ideal for picnics and fishing. Unfortunately, the last time I went, they had closed this area off for logging, so I don't think it will be as nice as it used to be, especially if they are cutting down a lot of the trees.

Pubs - there are no pubs at the reservoir, but there is a nice pub in the village of Burrator, which you will pass if you are coming from Yelverton. The pub serves nice food and drink at decent prices, and they usually have offers on most evenings. It includes a nice outdoor area and all children will enjoy the climbing frames.

Car Parks - cars usually park along the side of the road leading around Burrator reservoir. There is a fairly largish area before you get to the reservoir where you can park, and there are also other areas dotted around the perimeter. These are usually next to places of interest such as the streams and the waterfall. There is a fairly large area to park on the far side of the reservoir, which is where people usually go if they are going to walk up to the neighbouring Tor or if they are wanting to explore the neighbouring forest.

Review Date - 2008-08-13