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Destination: Central Park Pitch and Putt
Plymouth and Beyond Star Rating

General - Central Park Pitch and Putt is a great place to have a go at Golf. Even if you have never played before, it is good fun as each hole isn't very difficult. There are 9 holes on the course, and you can choose to play just the 9 or the full 18 (you go around the course twice). Each hole is spread out in nice surroundings on the side of the hill that Central Park is on, and some even have bunkers. It is especially nice during warmer days as the sun beats down on you and makes for a lovely setting. The price is very reasonable to have a game. 9 holes costs 3.50 each and usually takes about 2 hours when there is 4 of you playing. To play the full 18 holes is, at the most, 7.00 each. Be aware though that if you don't have your own clubs, you will need to hire out 2 clubs each, a ball and a tee at 5.00. So for four people playing, it will be a deposit of 20. This may seem quite a lot of money, but it is because they have had people go off with their clubs and balls, so they have had to try and stop this. This is an excellent place to spend an afternoon with the family as the owners take great care in keeping the area tidy and the grass cut to perfection along the holes.

Food and Drink - in the hut at the first tee, where you pay, you can purchase food and drink. This includes the usual snacks such as cans of drink, bottles of water and chocolate bars and crisps. I am not sure about the price of these items though, as I have never bought food or drink here. During dry days, there is a small area beside the hut designated for a few tables, where you can relax and wait for your round of golf to start whilst enjoying a snack. There is also an Ice Cream van further along the path next to the golf course, and this can be found there almost every day.

Disabled - the golf course isn't an ideal place for anyone disabled as there is a lot of walking involved in going from one hole to the next. There are no paths leading to each hole, so it would be very difficult for wheelchairs, and most of the course is set on the side of a hill. There are no disabled toilets around unless you went up to the Mayflower centre. Even then, I am not sure if they have a specific disabled toilet. I didn't notice if there was any disabled rates for playing the Pitch and Putt.

Toilets - there are no toilets on the golf course itself. The nearest ones are at the Mayflower centre which is just along the adjacent path; about a 5 minute walk away. Im not sure if the public can use these though, so I would check first. There is a unisex public toilet a little way down the path, but I think you have to pay a small amount to use it, and it doesn't seem very nice.

Children - this isn't very good for small children as they won't be able to hit the ball properly. Probably children of over 8 years would enjoy this as they would be able to hit the ball a bit. Younger children can still walk around the course with the family though, they just wouldn't be able to take part.

Car Parks - there is a car park at the Mayflower Centre which is free. This is about a 5-10 minute walk along the adjacent path. There is also a very large 'Park and Ride' car park a little further down the path, next to Plymouth Argyle Football Club. This is also free, and doesn't have to be used just for the 'Park and Ride' scheme, so is ideal if the Mayflower Centre car park is full. It is best to avoid these car parks on match days as they will be completely full from early afternoon to the evening.

Review Date - 2009-03-26