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Destination: Barbican Kitchen Brasserie
Plymouth and Beyond Star Rating

General - The attitude of all the staff we encountered was exemplary, and their general appearance very clean and presentable. In our opinion, this goes a long way, and can influence the choice between two good venues. In conclusion: a very clean, tastefully decorated, modern approach to eating with staff trained to enhance, and not impair, the overall impression of the venue. We will definitely go again!

Food and Drink - There is a good range of meals on the menu. Prices are at the high end, but worth it for the excellent meal we were presented with. Presentation and portions are in keeping with the modern approach to restaurant meals. While they may not satisfy the hungriest customer, in general they are more than adequate and, as stated before, are worth paying 'that little bit extra' for.

Disabled - The impression was that it was not disabled friendly.

Toilets - Toilets were at the bottom of the steep set of stairs and, therefore, this venue may not be the best choice for customers with impaired mobility.

Children - Whilst no children were eating at the Brasserie while we were there, we are sure they would be easily accommodated.

Car Parks - The nearest Parking is around the Harbour, which is a fair walk away from the restaurant

Review Date - 2011-02-03