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Destination: Lopwell Dam
Plymouth and Beyond Star Rating

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General - Lopwell Dam is a wonderful place to visit, both at low tide and at high tide. It is a man-made dam on the upper tidal mark of the River Tavy. It is a haven for wildlife with Swans usually always in the upper area of the Dam, and Canada Geese flying by fairly often. At low tide you can cross over the river to an area of natural beauty which has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). Here you can find a wide variety of flowers and walks through the surrounding woods, with remains of an old building an interesting diversion whilst exploring the area.

Food and Drink - there is now a Cafe in the main car park that serves a range of food and drink. The Cafe is situated in the Old Pump House and also incorporates an exhibition about the building and the local area. We havenít yet tasted the food from the Cafe, but it has always smelt nice and always seems fairly busy when it is open. There used to be an occasional Ice Cream van in the car park during the Summer months, but I expect the Cafe has taken over from that now.

Disabled - the smallish car park is on one level and so is fine for wheelchair users (apart from the potholes), although there would be no chance of crossing the river at low tide. There is a path down to the river side which is again on one level but this is the area where 4x4 cars cross the river, so is not an ideal place to go. Toilets are available in the Cafe although I donít know if there are any specific disabled toilets.

Toilets - there are toilets in the Cafe although we are not sure how big and clean they are as we have currently not used them.

Children - there isnít really much for children to do on the car park side of the river, but if the tide is low, then crossing over to the other side would bring much more interest. Just the crossing of the river should excite most children as it is good fun, especially if there are Swans nearby. But the wooded area with the paths and the ruined building are excellent places to explore, although this is on a fairly steep hill, so caution would be needed. There are also plaques with information on the local wildlife dotted around which may help children enjoy the beautiful area. Ice Cream from the Cafe would also keep children quiet!

Car Parks - The car park is fairly small so during the Summer months it would be a very good idea to get there early. Once the car park is full, there is nowhere else to park apart from along the side of a fairly narrow road which is actually quite dangerous. The car park itself is not in the best of states as there are lots of massive pot holes throughout, so you would have to be careful driving into it. The best thing about the car park is that it is right next to the waterís edge and gives a great view of the river and the woods opposite. When the tide is high you can view the ducks and geese on the river from the safety of your own car, whilst enjoying a packed lunch.

Review Date - 2013-04-22