Plymouth and Beyond, Where to visit in Plymouth
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Destination: Jenny Cliff
Plymouth and Beyond Star Rating

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General - Jenny Cliff is a lovely place to visit with great views over Plymouth Sound and the surrounding countryside. It is situated beside Mount Batten and is very easy to get to with a big enough car park for busy times of the year. There is a lovely Cafe which serves food and drink, with a fairly steep path winding its way down the cliff to the beautiful bay below, just beside it. There are plenty of open areas for picnics and BBQís and lots of seats where you can just sit down, relax and admire the breath taking views. It is in the midst of the cliff top walks which stretch for miles down the coast and so is a great place to start from. Wildlife watchers will find it a great place to view all sorts of sea birds, and photographers will be astonished at the vista on view.

Food and Drink - there is a good sized Cafe on the cliff top which serves all types of delicious food such as Pastys and ice cream. During fine weather, there are also seats outside but these obviously fill up quickly. Prices are average but the food is great. It is situated in a perfect place for eating good food whilst looking out over the scenic view across Plymouth Sound. It is a great place to relax and enjoy good food and drink.

Disabled - the car park is all on one level however there are many pot holes in it which could cause issues for wheel chairs. The steep slope down to the bay would also cause severe issue for disabled visitors so probably wouldnít be recommended. However, the journey down to the cafe and field (which has seats in it) shouldnít be a problem with a little help from a carer and provides lovely views and good, fresh sea air. The toilets in the car park have a step to get into them so are not ideal, and I donít think there were specific disabled toilets in them as they seemed quite basic. The cafe may have better toilets in though so I would recommend going in the toilets in there.

Toilets - there are toilets situated in the Cafe and at the top of the car park which is across the road from the Cafe. The toilets in the Cafe are only open during the Cafeís opening hours whilst the toilets in the car park are usually open into the evenings during the Summer months.

Children - whilst this is a lovely place for children to visit, it is also quite a dangerous place. There is a road running between the car park and the Cafe/Bay and the cliff tops can be a dangerous place for unattended children. Walking down the cliff path to the Bay is very steep with some of the steps being very large, so if children arenít careful they could easily trip and fall over. One side of the path is also very close to the edge of the cliff with some areas in bad disrepair meaning that the path is exposed quite severely to the drop below. Once down in the Bay itself, children will have great fun playing amongst the numerous rock pools and paddling in the sea. The sea is very calm which is also great.

Car Parks - there is a very large car park on the cliff top, on the opposite side of the road to the Cafe. Unfortunately, the surface isnít great as there are several rather large pot holes which can cause damage to cars if going too fast. There are toilets at the back of the car park which is very handy, although these are somewhat open to the elements. Parking in the car park will give you a great view over Plymouth Sound and is a great place to watch the annual Fireworks Championships or any other events taking place in the Sound. However, during such events, the car park can be filled very easily, especially near the front where the best views can be had.

Review Date - 2013-02-18